Stars Loyalty Program 2013 – 2014

Date: 08 – 11 – 2014
Venue: Tamar Rotana Hotel

We greatly value our customers, and are eager to prove it! This was the driving motto behind the world of loyalty that Power Tech opened its doors to last July 2013. The STARS loyalty program was introduced for one year as a rewarding panel for customers who chose and shared our world-class quality products.

A closing dinner ceremony was also held to honor the loyal customers for their efforts and offer them their choice of luxurious gifts, among them a car, an ATV, a family leisure trip and more! This event was also used as an opportunity to gather our privileged customers and announce the introduction of STARS 2014 – 2015; renewed for an additional year with an even greater number of participants and a bigger bundle of benefits.

As always, you can guarantee that for our loyalty, we will give you ours – multiplied


37th Rally of Lebanon 2014

Date: 29.08.14 – 31.08.14
Venue: Lebanon

As the starting power of all cars and the driving force behind their performance, Varta battery proudly upheld these characteristics by being a sponsor of the biggest automotive event in the region – the 37th Rally of Lebanon. The thrill, fun and excitement witnessed during the course of the four day event was unparalleled, starting from the Super Stage with the Varta sponsored 000 opening car, all the way to the closing ceremony which was further sparked by the Varta sponsored parade!


"Powering a Cleaner Future" Seminar

Date: 21 – 05 – 2014
Venue: Movenpick Hotel & Resorts, Beirut

Capitalizing on Trojan Battery’s slogan of “Clean Energy for Life”; Power Tech organized Powering a Cleaner Future; a technical training seminar hosted in the presence of representatives from Trojan Battery Company. The four hour presentation entailed explanations, comparisons, and clarifications on the different types of batteries, applications and uses and was fully backed up by examples and deep technical interactions and discussions.

The ambiance of the venue was transformed to further support the “green” theme of Trojan Battery through the use of collateral, giveaways and promotional items. The training presentation was then followed by a lunch buffet opening the floor for further networking discussions.

As always, we are proud to support all our partners and grow together with further knowledge and expertise.


Trojan Battery Training

Date: September 2013
Venue: Power Tech Offices, Jnah

Deep technical training and knowledge is a key essential factor for success, which is why Power Tech, in collaboration with Trojan Battery Company, decided to organize a training workshop for the Power Tech team. The full day workshop featured a detailed briefing on all types of batteries, their differences, advantages and disadvantages; in addition to explanations of Trojan battery functions, applications and uses.

Many thanks to Trojan Battery Company for further supporting us and contributing to enriching our technical knowledge.


Tradeshows & Exhibitions: Energy Lebanon

Date: June 4 – June 7, 2013
Venue: BIEL

With continuous efforts to promote its full product portfolio, Power Tech chose to draw attention to its Energy division by exhibiting in Energy Lebanon; a concurrent tradeshow to Project Lebanon 2013. 

Power Tech’s booth captured many visitors through its prominent product displays consisting of power saving products such as UPS’s and their accessories from the top manufacturers namely General Electric and Delta. The booth also displayed a wide range of valve regulated lead acid, tubular batteries, and Maintenance Free automotive batteries, in addition to a dedicated space allocated for the true deep cycle Trojan battery which received various inquiries and requests. 

Participating in this professional tradeshow did in fact yield promising returns as it provided the whole team with opportunities to conduct meetings with key players in the power industry and share expert knowledge in this particular field.

Varta Dealer Trip

Date: May 30 - June 2, 2013
Location: Hannover, Germany

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”

- Samuel Johnson

This quote best describes the experience of a journey our nine travelers embarked on with Mr. Assem Nawam and Mr. Tarek Haddad in Hannover, Germany as a reward for their outstanding Varta & Berga sales achievements. The four day program was full of exciting activities that created unforgettable memories for the future. Starting with a visit to the Johnson Controls factory; the team showed great enthusiasm as they walked through the manufacturing processes of Varta and its technical details. They also took part in an extensive and certified product training after having lunch with key Johnson Controls representatives. Their journey continued to the famous Wolfsburg Autostad Museum; meticulously designed for car fanatics. After being warmly welcomed, the team spent the full day admiring vintage, chrome plated, new, and old collection cars of the most prominent manufacturers. Finally, the voyage was concluded with a visit to the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, accurately described as “paradise on earth” by the whole team, where they spent some quality time in the breathtaking nature.

This trip certainly fit into our core essences of customer value and loyalty. With continued trust and dedication from our partners, this event only marks the beginning of a promising future.

Varta Dealer Dinner


Date: 23-03-2013
Venue: Le Royal Hotel, Dbaye

Following the Varta-Berga AH dealer competition launched last year, and in light of Varta's logo relaunch campaign; Power Tech organized an event that gathered around 230 partners and prospects and was hosted in the esteemed presence of key representatives from both Varta's manufacturers Johnson Controls, and its distributors Lubatex.

The event opened with a seminar covering several topics ranging from brief introductions about Power Tech and Johnson Controls, to in-depth explanations and visuals of the battery and its advanced Start Stop technologies.

The seminar was then followed by a rich dinner with live entertainment; during which the 20 winners of the competition were announced, congratulated, and rewarded for their outstanding sales achievements - the top 10 winners are currently planning for their trip to the Varta factory in Germany, while the rest are enjoying their various select prizes. As our main priority is to always keep our partners satisfied by delivering more, we completed the prize distribution with a tombola draw. Finally, the night was concluded with cutting the Varta cake whereby the new logo was officially launched.

All our partners enjoyed the event and got the chance to take pictures with the representatives and keep them as souvenirs. This event was just the beginning of a long rewarding journey with our partners hand in hand; we can only aspire to consistently exceed their expectations and address all their concerns in the near future.

Stay tuned for more!

Staff Retreats: Offroad ATV

Date: 26-08-2012
Venue: Sannine

Far away from the offices, walls, phone calls, and paperwork...

Power Tech’s dedicated salesmen enjoyed a trip to Sannine alongside their director Mr. Tarek Haddad as a note of appreciation for all the hard work they have been feeding into the company over their careers.

The sales team enjoyed a stimulating full day under the rays of the sun whereby they rented some ATVs and rode them around Sannine across roads, rivers and muddy paths. This route was driven by competitions and challenges between them, which further aroused their sense of lively determination. Of course, to complement the ride, they later headed for lunch where they connected on a personal level and shared some laughs.

This day definitely left a mark in all their memories as they still recall it to be the most enjoyable stress relieving and enthusiasm team building exercise.  Since the driving force behind any successful organization is its motivated team, we plan to follow up with further unforgettable events.

Trade Shows & Exhibitons: Boat Show

Date: 18-05-2010
Venue: Marina, Dbaye

Following the success of exhibiting in the Motor Show, Power Tech yet again participated in another fair: Boat Show 2010 - This time shifting gears from the automotive industry to a more recreational and leisure driven field.

Power Tech’s booth displayed its key marine batteries and introduced their various applications and uses. The team particularly enjoyed the presence of many booth visitors who were eager to learn more. To perfectly top it off, the outdoors location added a refreshing touch to the exhibition allowing both exhibitors and visitors to enjoy it fully.

Do not forget to visit our stand in future related exhibitions!

Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Motor Show


Date: 18-04-2010
Venue: Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center (BIEL), Down Town

On April 18, 2010 Power Tech captured all eyes on its booth in the parts and accessories section of the Motor Show for having a very enlightening stand.

With its most prominent brands displayed, Power Tech proudly introduced its specialty battery range to all booth visitors, such as Varta, Berga, Optima, and Trojan – In addition to the tools and accessories Midtronics range. Throughout the exhibition, Power Tech’s professional team enjoyed conducting short meetings with all visitors to share their expert knowledge in this field.

Exhibiting in the Motor Show turned out to be a huge success as it provided the Power Tech team with a great experience and allowed for the opportunity to meet key players in the automotive industry. The exhibition was an engaging and educational event not only for the visitors but also for the team.

Looking forward to seeing you at our booths in future exhibitions!

Rotalla F 105 Tire Test – GingerMan Raceway

Date: 05 - 19 - 2010
Test car: Mazda Speed 6 GT
The tires seemed to be of very good quality, with a relatively soft pattern. The Tire had astonishing performance in the rain, including cornering and emergency stops, as they are much quieter than expected. On-track performance, they were very sticky .

Overall, awesome performance versus price. Tires highly recommended.